Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well, it happened. I got unfriended. I suppose it was inevitable; the circle of life and all that. It's true; I say a lot of ridiculous things. I swear, just a smidge. But still, I was a little surprised. It was a friendly acquaintance, not just someone I knew a long time ago. I mean, what did I do wrong? Was it my goofy status updates or my smart-ass comments?

Surely, she didn't really mean to unfriend me. It must be a Facebook mistake. Maybe some sort of computer glitch; I'll just refriend her. She just has to confirm me. Any time now; I'm sure it will be fine.

Who the hell does she think she is? This really pisses me off. What did I ever do to her? So my posts are kind of ridiculous; screw her if she can't take a joke! Whatever, I don't need her anyway; I wouldn't friend her if she was the last person on earth!

Well, maybe we could be friends. If she would just be friends with me again, I would write nicer things. I would even make those little hearts and smiley faces, if only she would come back and confirm me.

Oh, I can't stand it! I don't deserve this; it's such a burden on my soul. I know, I can have other friends, but it's just not the same; will I ever feel whole?

Hey, you got any wine? Yeah, I'd love some. What? Oh, her? Yeah, we used to be friends, but it's over now. It's all good.


Wendy Hawksley said...


I was unfriended by my brother-in-law for making remarks about something to which he was very sensitive.

But rather than being an adult about it and telling me how he felt, he unfriended me.

Last week, he told David, "Wendy and I aren't talking right now."

Not true. HE'S the one not talking. I'm simply not going to enable his emotional immaturity.

Plus, evil biatch that I am, I could care less. ;)

I'm sure the friend will come back to you. And if she won't, you've got many others who will offer you wine, chocolate, and Facebook guarantees!

C Mike said...

Well, obviously, what you need to do here is unfriend somebody else, ideally a completely innocent undeserving someone else. Or whack your kids a couple of times. If you had a dog you could kick it.

The Martin Family said...

Well, at least you are going through the steps of grieving. Come to Maryland, I'll give you wine!

Helen said...

Anna! I just got unfriended, too. BIL unfriended me, too. No idea why.

C. Mike...that is an interesting version of "Pay it forward". Sorta more like "Pay it back!!!!!!"


Anna Jane said...

See, this is why I don't join FB. I am too sensitive and wouldn't handle unfriending with nearly as much grace and tact as you...I'd become a stalker and haunt them with endless numbers of emails and phone calls and...hmmm, maybe that's why I would be unfriended to begin with...

The Martin Family said...

Come on Anna Jane! Join! We all want to see your random daily updates!

Helen: Hi back!

Gretchen said...

Way too funny!!! I guess there's a good reason I haven't gotten up to speed on all of this Facebook stuff!!! I'm not sure I could handle the rejection!

Lauren said...

I just had to go check my FB to make sure I hadn't accidentally unfriended you. And how do you know if you're "unfriended"? Does it tell you? I didn't even know you could do that!