Thursday, July 16, 2009

Desperate Groundhogs

So, have I mentioned that we're back at Osan? I think I might have. Osan's a nice little place, if possibly a bit strange; the people are friendly and the sky is always blue, except when it's yellow or black. I've written plenty about it, you can click here and here for some brief descriptions of life here if you like.

On of the many odd things about it is that every day is the same. My friend Lauren describes the Osan standard day perfectly in a recent post titled 'Nothing': BX, Post Office, wine store*, commissary, wine store. Well, that's my version. She probably makes a few more trips to the library for educational tomes and a few less stops at the wine store, but she's sort of snobby that way.

The whole routine is a vicious mobius strip; sort of like a loop or a vicious circle, only you can't get off, and it's not round, especially after your wine ration. All you can do is shuffle off to the side once in a while for another bottle to check the mail again. It's sort of like 'Groundhog Day' meets 'Desperate Housewives': Desperate Groundhogs! I totally smell a reality show in the making, and I look smashing in brown fur!

* On my recent trip, my sister one of my many loyal readers informed me that SFK makes it sound like I drink a LOT of wine. This is not actually true. While I like my wine, I am not a complete lush; I simply don't have the time to drink as much as I'd like. Just so you know, once in a while there might possibly be a slight exaggeration or teeny tiny obfuscation. Hardly any lies, though.

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