Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well. Back at Osan. Yep, here we are. The flight was about what you'd expect. Long, and, ummm, LONG. We had a great trip but it's nice to be home, too. I had considered staying a few weeks more while Lloyd came back alone but I don't think my parents could have taken it, since we had pretty much already sucked them dry.

We came home to a bunch of great stuff we inherited from some friends that moved: new toys, some furniture, plants and chocolates. Outstanding.
And, it's monsoon season here! I'm pretty enthusiastic about it because last year we didn't get a single monsoon and I was very disappointed. The sandbag dikes around the buildings were high and dry all summer. But now we're having a proper season. The ground is soggy and the worms are out. My friend Heidi was a little alarmed when she saw a little old Korean man building a boat in front of her building, but I say unless he's got a pompadour and funky glasses, everything is perfectery rovery. Pass the oars! And the rum. Yo ho ho, me hearties.

Unfortunately we have yet to get adjusted to Osan standard time. This is the third morning and our wakeup times have gotten progressively earlier each morning. I was optimistic the first day when we got up at 4:15, but yesterday it was 3:08 and today it was 2:45 am and I am barely functional.

Well, that's all the latest. I have to go throw the kids in the washing machine and toss the recycling in the oven. TTFN!

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Brad, Brooke, Abigayle, Rebekah and Indy said...

Awesome. I will try not to worry about the return jet lag--barely got over the baby's lag here. Denial. I'm gonna try least until I am waking up at 2am in Korea.