Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's a dang good thing I think I look good in green, because I'm jealous of lots of things: blogs that are cuter than mine, people whose jeans aren't constantly on the verge of revolt, and people who don't have ziploc baggies of molding bread in their laundry rooms. Mostly I can stand it, barely, but today, I left drool marks all over my 'dining room' window.

Behold: here's the scene from a lucky someone's moving day. It's a little hazy, between the saliva and the ever-present small particle pollution, but you can still clearly see those big brown boxes of kimchi pots and knockoff purses eagerly awaiting their trip out of Korea, never to return. We started moving in our hearts and minds, and out of our storage room months ago, but things aren't progressing quite fast enough for me. It's sort of like being pregnant with an elephant. Not that I would know, no matter what it looked like.

We have made a list of all the last things we want to do in Korea, and we have been faithfully checking them off. Purchase Kimchi pots, check! Purchase Korean kitchen sink (this one was totally Lloyd, I'm sure you realize), check! Next on the list is the DMZ tour. Now, I'm extra-specially careful not to broadcast my movements in advance or share information that would come in handy for North Korean terrorists, so details later. And you can rest assured, your dirty little Osan secrets are safe with me!


Wendy Hawksley said...

I like living here very much.

But when I think about Europe, I get the drooly thing too...

Someone said to me, "You only like it because it's your first overseas base."

It is what you make of it.

But, still, I dream of meeting my family in Italy... Next year...

Please will you show me the moldy bread? We're going to re-try the experiment. I'll drop you an email.

As for tipping off the North Koreans to our movements, good idea not to. I'd hate for them to know when I was whipping out weapons of mass instruction... (Pssst, we just raided the Osan base library for all the juvenile books on Ancient Greece).

Helen said...

Just seeing the picture gave me PTSD flashbacks and nausea. My boxes JUST loaded the trash truck and are on the way to their (presumably) firey demise. We cheered all the way to school (by car!) I'm missing you terribly, but I think I'm finally completing my reassimalation. (Still got some culture shock though.)

Amanda Evans said...

Anna, you always make me laugh! BUT, I hate to tell you this...and I know you won't believe me...BUT you will miss Osan. YOU WILL!!! I miss ya!

Greg and Shara said...

Ditto ALWAYS make me laugh. And she is sooooo right; in a crazy, weird way, you will miss Osan. Actually, you won't have as much to blog about either. Could you stay longer, so you can blog and give Amanda and myself some good reading material...please?!?!?