Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hey everyone,

Just a little public service announcement: Stories from Korea will be kind of sketchy at best and non-existent at worst for the next few weeks as we get packed up and move, at which point they will become equally ridiculous stories from the USA. The blog name and URL will remain the same for now. I'll try to spare you all a future sob sister post about how much I will miss all my Osan friends but I can't make any promises. Smell you later, Osan!


Wendy said...

I like your closing! I was going to scream "GOOD F****** RIDDANCE OSAN" outside the Turumi when I leave this year.

But yours is funnier.

Jennifer McNeely said...

welcome home daggetts. It s been too long.
goodwill, target, trader joes, goodwill, target, trader joes.. in that order.

Helen said...

End of an era. So sad.