Friday, January 8, 2010


Okay, FINE. This post will contain no gratuitous Dick Cheney jokes, I promise. Especially not about his colon; that's just cruel and unusual punishment, and there are enough ugly things to think about without adding that, am I right? It's just that he's such an easy, beady-eyed, sanctimonious, icy-hearted, hypocritical target. Funny, I used to think George was the dumb one but at least he has the sense to keep his mouth shut. Either that or Laura has chopped him up with an ax and stuffed him in the basement bunker at the ranch. Either one is cool with me. Doh! There I go again. Sorry! No George jokes, either. And, I KNOW: Domestic violence jokes = not funny.

But I DO really want to tell you how cold it is here. HOW COLD IS IT? It's so cold that Dick Cheney has to.... oh, wait. Never mind. Sorry! I promised, and I mean to keep my word. It's so cold that I got boogercicles this morning when I walked to the BX. For real, and that's no joke. Can you believe that? Icy snot chunks right on the edges of my nostrils! I wonder when one of those dogs that pee outside by my deck will freeze itself to the ground with a stream of urine; now THAT would be something to see. I'm going to sit by the balcony door with a camera and a bucket of hot water; let me know if you want to get some beer and come hang out!


Amanda said...

LMAO I haven't heard about boogercicles in forever. Hasn't been THAT cold here yet, but give it some time. It's been cold this year. Where I grew up, boogercicles were a winter staple it was so cold and snowy.

Helen said...

You must be getting short. You are on fire.

Tell Lloyd I like the belt.

Wendy said...

Cold. Yup. I am glad to have had a real winter again (we left those behind when we PCSed to Dover in '99).

Ok. Thanks for the memories, Osan. Let's get back to our regularly-scheduled spring-green Ginko leaves, shall we?