Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last weekend Lloyd and I went flying. He has been going up occasionally but I hadn't been in ages. I don't really love flying; I get airsick easily and I don't like the ever-present thought of crashing. But he talked me into it, so we scattered some Cheerios on the floor for the boys in case we didn't make it home and soared into the wild blue yellow-gray yonder. We flew around the base and our little local town until I was pretty sure I had to vomit.

I tried to figure out how to put captions or mark on the pictures on my fancy Mac but had no luck at all, so here are a few notes:

1. Our apartment building is the tallest building in the top of the photo that also shows the airplane wheel.

2. The Korean man is the maintenance guy at the flying club.

3. Despite my professional-aviatrix-like appearance, I actually have absolutely no clue how to operate my own headphones, let alone any other airplane-related equipment. Including the seatbelt.


Anonymous said...

I'm the same way about flying. Ickity ick ick ick. In fact, I'm still incredibly proud of myself that I made it to Korea without the husband accompanying us. (Gavin took to it like a fish to water; he was awesome during the flight).

Hey, can I start calling you "Amelia" now? You kinda like look Earhart in that first pic of you!

Helen said...

Cool. Glad you survived... for the kids' sake.

Amanda Evans said...

those are cool pics! And you do look like an aviator in the last pic! :-) Guess where I am going in March? OSAN!!!!