Monday, December 14, 2009


Don't say I didn't warn you! But at least it's short, right?

Woe to us, poor family
We've been sick an eternity
Coughing, choking, puking, more
Juice, tea, tissues galore
No wine, long sleepless nights
Grody meds and bitter fights
Hour upon hour of lousy shows
Day upon day of whiny no's
Meals are vile, drinks are worse
Why were we visited with this curse?
Alone, the laundry will kill me
What can it be, this vexing malady?
It's as bad as bad can be
It must be an Osan allergy!


Helen said...


Jennifer McNeely said...

I like it , is there a TUNE that it can be sung to?
Just checking, were pretty bored here...

Carol said...

Woe is me, the young mother said,
As she looked for a bucket to place by her bed.

The thrift store is open with bargains galore,
She is at home with aches, nausea fever and more.

She will feel better as the week moves on,
and be out shopping in good old OSAN!