Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is our last Christmas in Korea, so hurray! The season has gotten off to a slow start because we've been sick and grumpy. And in Korea.

But last night we went to the squadron Christmas party and it was awesome: tons of inappropriate behavior (not by me, this time), free lousy beer, karaoke renditions of a lot of old country songs, and a meal of 'Honey Grazed Ham'. What more could you ask for? I'm not really sure that they fed those pigs ONLY honey, because the truth in labeling laws here are pretty weak, but I really like to picture a field full of fat happy hogs slurping up honey off the ground. It sort of reminds me of myself, blissfully drinking tequila off the cleaning the floor.

The night started off with a bang. I was getting ready, and I went all out: the festive Christmas ornament necklace, eyeliner, shadow AND mascara, the works. I came out the bathroom and Weston was stunned:

Weston: Mama, you look brand new!
Me: Thanks, Sweetie.
Weston: Way prettier than regular!
Me: Thank you.
Weston: I really like the way you look. You look a lot more like Miss Janelle now. You look really different.

Ummm, okay, I think I get the picture: usually I'm a haggard wretch and but once I slop on a little pleasant-smelling oppression I look GREAT. Or not great, maybe, but a little more similar to my more attractive friend and neighbor. Thanks! I GET IT NOW. PLEASE STOP WITH ALL THE COMPLIMENTS. I'M BLUSHING.

Then, I won a ton of stuff in the raffle. Lloyd tried to stinge me out of tickets, but I wasn't falling for it, and it was a good thing. I won three blankets, and this little ceremonial Korean sword. I hate the sword, but luckily one of my friends was fond of it and I swapped it for some way better stuff that I would describe except for it might crimp my re-gifting style.

Tonight is Christmas Eve and we will open a few presents, then tomorrow we'll open the rest, then attend our final Christmas party in Korea. Now, that's merry! Merry Christmas to all of you from Korea!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Anna for entertaining me once again with your hilarious anecdotes! I am happy you will soon be leaving is better on the other side I assure you! Happy New Year my friend!
MeLissa Thresher
Osan Parolee

Helen said...

Yeah. You do look extra beautiful in your pic. Glowing. Are you pregnant?

Tweety said...

I like the sword. but I am sure you obtained better goods. love the story. My daughter always wants me to be like miss Jen and wear high heels.

C Mike said...

Phooey on the beauty, adornment and raffle stuff. I wanna hear about that inappropriate behavior!

Jennifer McNeely said...

i think you are most pretty when you are all wretch-ed!

Amanda Evans said...

I love how Weston said you look way prettier than normal. That is so funny!!! Like Miss Janelle, too cute!