Friday, June 19, 2009

New Post

Okay, okay! Enough with the squealing about my outrageous lack of posting! You know, I've been BUSY here. There's a lot going on; it's not like I'm spending all my time SHOPPING or anything.

Lloyd and Weston are in Maine for a week, so Shane and I are hanging out by ourselves. I used to think it would be like a vacation to have just one kid for a week. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, I was so stupid! Without Weston here to entertain Shane, I am having to push him down myself and rip toys out of his hands CONSTANTLY just to keep up his regular routine.

And then there's the whole jet lag thing; I was planning a whole post on that alone. Lag is such an ugly word, and when I got thinking about it, I realized nothing good ends with -ag: lag, gag, sag, hag, gulag. Wouldn't it be cool if you could just erase words, and with them, the meaning would disappear? I'm going to work up a list of words to delete, just in case. And while I'm at it, maybe I could invent some new words, too.

We have been very busy working in the garden. It is a full-time job keeping the fresh strawberries and raspberries eaten up. Also, my mother seems to think we should be weeding, AND she thinks that diapers, toys and dirty socks need to picked up EVERY day.

So you can see it's hard to be me, but I have been feeling badly about my posting drought and will try to do better. Ooh, I know! One of my new words can be 'thoughtpost'. Or maybe 'thoughst' or 'pought'. It means that when I think up a post, it transmits itself directly to Stories From Korea and posts itself, thereby giving myself plenty of extra time to throw bugs at Shane.

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Helen said...

Thank God! I was getting serious withdrawal. If we are going to live 1/2 a world away from each other you must get better at keeping in touch!!!!!