Sunday, June 7, 2009


One of the perks of being at Osan is the Chili's on base. It's the only one in South Korea, and it's a regular full-on Chili's. It has the pepper on the building and everything. Every time we walk by it, which is approximately 18 times per day, Shane points at the pepper and yells, 'Apple!' He gets very angry when I say approximately 18 times per day, 'That's a chili. It looks like an apple, though, doesn't it?'

'NOOOOOOOO!!!!! APPLE! APPLE! APPLE!' Okay, fine. It's an apple. Never argue with a two-year old.

Chili's has always left me cold. It always SEEMS like a good idea to go there, but there is never anything I really want. Everything is just a little bit wrong, from the deep-fried corn appetizers to the bleu cheese burger that inexplicably has chipotle sauce on it. Really, who would do that, and why? And, you cannot sit in there for more than ten minutes before some birthday boy thinks it's a good idea to inform the staff that it's his special day so he can get his 'BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY!' chant. The chanting wouldn't be so bad; it's the tambourines that kill you.

Unfortunately there are few options around here for knocking back a few margaritas. The downtown scene doesn't appeal to me, and I'm not really an O'Club kind of girl. I might give the O'Club a chance, but the few times I've had a drink there I have had the most horrible headache the next day and all I trust is the beer tap. And I'm definitely not one to sit in the O'Club swilling beer (shut up, Lisajoy). So, off I go to Chili's every time I want to hang out with a friend.

Last night, after attending an absolutely shocking birthday party, my friend Helen and I scurried down there to bathe our wounds in tequila. No salt, please! We made a solemn, margarita-driven vow that after we leave this place, we will never, ever set foot in another Chili's as long as we live. We're going to meet there later to hammer out the details.


Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

I'm Helen and I'm a (reluctant) Chiliholic. I've not had a margarita for 24 hours.

(Emma says the same thing about the Chilis sign. It does look like a really badly shaped apple.)

Lisajoy said...

How'd you know what I was thinking!

Helen said...

We on for Chilis tomorrow?