Monday, March 24, 2008

No sticking, no staining, only SUCKING!

I have been intrigued by moon sand for a long time. The box says it all: "Never dries out! No sticking! No staining!" Why, it sounds positively dreamy, and it can be yours for only slightly more per ounce than the finest ambergris can buy. In other words, a jillion times more expensive than playdoh. But TOTALLY worth it, right? So worth it that I gave a whole set as a gift to Nicolas at his birthday party last summer. Let me just take this opportunity to apologize to Kim. Sorry, and I guess I now know why you no longer speak to me.

But now I am buying little trinkets for entertainment for a long trip we'll be taking next month, and what could be more perfect for a long flight than moon sand? It doesn't stick, it doesn't stain, it doesn't dry out! Wisely, or luckily, I decided to let Weston try it out first. Okay, he was whining yesterday and I couldn't think of anything clever, so I dipped into my stash.

Let me give away the secret of moon sand: it's damp sand. With food coloring. And glitter. The marketing department at moon sand is entirely correct when they say no sticking. It falls apart. Like sand. As soon as you open the container. All over the floor. The only thing that distinguishes it from regular non-moon sand is the glitter. Which is all over my floor

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