Monday, March 24, 2008

The Nanny Blues

Yesterday, Miss Sue came over for the first time. She stayed two hours while Lloyd was here and the boys both liked her. Lloyd asked her if she would be willing to clean while Shane was asleep and she agreed. The plan was for her to come again on Thursday, then start coming next week to watch Shane while Weston was in school. Great plan, until Miss Sue called and said she didn’t want the job because she didn’t want to clean. Lloyd told her we didn’t care if she cleaned or not, and she said she didn’t want it anyway. ?????? I have no idea. We are paying better than the going rate, we're relatively pleasant people, our house usually doesn't stink, and the kids are pretty well-behaved. She was a bit befuddled by the cloth diapers and positively flummoxed when I told her Shane does not take formula, only breastmilk. That's the only thing that I can think of- we're too crunchy for her.

We have been looking for someone for months and she has been the best of the lot we have talked to. There was Miss Jean, who was great, except that she was from another country (so illegal to hire her as you can only hire US or Korean citizens) and she came here (or was trafficked here, more likely) to work in the bars, doing favors for money. There was Lucy, a Korean lady who is engaged to an American. Nice, but she doesn’t speak much English. In fact, so little that she can’t communicate to her fiancĂ© the situation with her possibly wacko not-yet-ex-husband. He thinks they are getting married this spring but I think she has news for him, if only he could understand it.


ann daggett said...

yeah, welcome to my world....... time to yourself, what the hell is that.... i would sell my body for a chance to have 20 minutes a month to myself...lolol

ann daggett said...

wait a minute... for my body... they may not even give me 10 minutes...ha ha ha