Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Moving Day Photos (not for the squeamish)

I found my camera and was moved to put up a few pictures after I dumped the toaster upside down to empty the crumbs. Note the telephone for scale.

The other picture was taken in the part of the house formerly known as the dining room, and is of the pile of stuff that the movers are NOT taking. We hope.


Anonymous said...

Walked by on our way to the vet this morning. Saw the truck. Gavin said, once again, "But I don't want them to leave!"

I've been trying to explain that we leave in 9 months, and that it is best not to get too attached since we are here for such a short time.

I did not point out to him that you probably would not echo those sentiments about wanting to keep you guys here. ;)

Safe travels!

Amanda Evans said...

I'm surprised your toaster never caught on fire. :-)

Jackie Savi-Cannon said...

Moving is always a big job..Seeing all your belongings.

the toaster is the last to empty